Pauline van Dongen (1986) is a designer and researcher. She explores human-garment relationships and alternative fashion (design) practices through the development of smart textiles and clothing. Her design studio received international recognition with projects such as the Solar Shirt, Phototrope and Issho. By integrating interactive materials such as solar cells, light, sensors and haptic actuators, these garments enhance the sensory and emotional experience of clothing and reveal the nurturing potential of textiles. In 2019 Pauline received her doctoral degree at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Pauline has been a pioneer in creating solar garments and textiles since 2013. Her aim is to make solar technology pliable, approachable and culturally embedded through unique material aesthetics. Her studio is currently developing SUNTEX, an innovative solar textile that weaves organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules into a technical textile meant for architectural applications. Pauline is co-founder of The Solar Movement and The Solar Biennale.