The Promenade on Slow Street was a fictional walk through the future. The year is 2033. Exactly 800 years after Gelderland’s capital city was granted city rights. The future walk was inspired by the Ways of Caring theme of State of Fashion Biennale 2022.

We tried to give words and images to a future in which some of the big issues of our time are addressed: the nitrogen problem and related long-distance transportation, health and livability of the city, experience in the city, social interaction, sustainable production and consumption, creative and customized.

The sessions of Promenade on Slow Street took place at Rozet in June and July 2022. In attendance were individuals who, based on their background and expertise, had been invited to think along. They did so eagerly and with great enthusiasm. Among others, they came from the creative sector: one cultural director, four designers/entrepreneurs, two artists, two people from State of Fashion and two from FDFA. Other participants thought along from their professions: one marketer, one planner and former board member, one planologist/placemaker, one employee of City Marketing and two employees of Platform Binnenstad Arnhem (PBA). There were entrepreneurs among them: three from the city and four members of the Amsterdam Economic Board. One student, one philosopher and one casual passerby completed the company.

Then read the report from Promenade on Slow Street here

Photos Eva Broekema