State of Fashion is co-hosting the Secondhand Speculation workshop with Zinzi de Brouwer. For the last part of Perspectives on Unions, we focus, together with Zinzi de Brouwer (Studio Palha, Mozambique) and Linda Valkeman (The Or Foundation, Ghana) on the ‘Secondhand Speculation Oracle Deck: Assembling Solidarity through the Act of Storytelling’. An interactive approach to working with a set of oracle cards as a tool to communicate, co-vision and co-play.

During the Secondhand Speculation Workshop, participants get to play with the secondhand speculation cards to reach utopian visions and future landscapes based on radical depictions of a justice-led and equitable fashion/textile industry. The workshop intends to spark creativity and playfulness, yet also holds space for the confrontational thematics the (fashion) world is currently facing.

Zinzi de Brouwer will introduce the artisanal platform in Inhambane, Mozambique that holds a transnational exchange between crafters, makers and practitioners rooted in the local Tsonga culture. She will also introduce the project Sisterhood, an exchange between the Kayayei women of Accra (who work with the deposits of clothing waste) and the Tsonga crafters of Mozambique. All held under the scope of a chance at a second life, a second future.

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Workshop Secondhand Speculation
Date: Sunday 26 May 2024
Language: English

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