State of Fashion is a platform for showcasing alternatives to the current fashion system. We connect fashion, explicitly and honestly, with the societal questions and challenges of our time, such as inclusivity and fair practice, the impact of globalisation and the climate crisis. Our leading question is how fashion can contribute to a better world?

Within our activities we bring together visionary ideas from local and global points of view, and explore with our audience alternatives to the dominant industrial fashion system, which causes pollution and inequality around the world. Once every two years we organise a large public event: the State of Fashion Biennale, with on each edition a new team of curators who examine the current fashion issues in a totally unique way and involve the public.



Taking place in Arnhem, State of Fashion builds on the Arnhem Mode Biennale (2005 – 2013) and is embedded in Arnhem’s rich fashion structure under the name Mode Partners 025. Mode Partners 025 plays a critical, researching and creating role of significance within the 025 region, within the Netherlands and internationally on the major sustainability challenges in the fashion and textile industry. Mode Partners 025 has direct access to (inter)national experimentation and research, knowledge and education, design, material and resource development. She seeks to connect fashion, social issues and the public. Arnhem’s illustrious fashion history, the city’s sustainable ambitions and green surroundings support this power of imagination and the value of creating.

State of Fashion is structurally supported by the Municipality of Arnhem and Province Gelderland. From 2021, State of Fashion will be included in the national basic infrastructure (BIS) of the Ministry of OCW.

State of Fashion was formerly part of Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation. From 1 June 2023, the two organisations continued independently. Stichting Sonsbeek & State of Fashion is the legal predecessor and statutory change to Stichting State of Fashion. A new foundation has been set up for Sonsbeek.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board for State of Fashion consists of:

José Teunissen (chairman)
Marco Grob
⁠Renate Eringa Wensing
Machteld Roethof
Leoni Huisman


Iris Ruisch, director
Renee van der Hoek, programme lead
Aimy Eyzenbach, communication lead
Astrid Ubbink, office & project coordinator
Sem Bartels, finance coordinator
Raymond de Haas, controller & advisor

Team members State of Fashion Biennale 2024
Natasha Beijer, production, events
Ewoud Groenendijk, production

MUMSTER, PR and Social media

Carolijn Wessels, volunteer coordinator,
Denise Bernts, assistant volunteer coordinator

Marjolein de Graaf, coordinator arrangements,

Wonne Scrayen, intern program team
Koen Slinkman, intern communication & marketing

Photo’s by Afsaneh Ghafarian Rabe’I

Annual reports

Annual reports

Until 1 June 2023, State of Fashion was part of Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation. The annual reports below therefore concern the Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation. Since 1 June 2023, State of Fashion has continued independently as the State of Fashion Foundation.



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