The textile sector is one of the biggest polluters worldwide due to huge water and energy consumption, large-scale CO2 emissions and, above all, a lot of textile waste. In the research group ‘New Textile Ecosystems’ (abbreviated NEWTEXECO), ArtEZ, Saxion and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam are joining forces to accelerate the transition – and research – towards a sustainable textile value chain, with design as the main pivot.

As a result of European directives, the textile sector must be fully circular by 2050. To break the spiral of overproduction and consumption of poorly recyclable textiles, the NEWTEXECO research community is focusing on a systemic approach to textiles that meet functional and aesthetic conditions for clothing and interiors. Here, design is central as a pivot in sustainable, circular and regenerative value chains from raw material extraction, production and consumption to (re)use.

NEWTEXECO is committed to researching a more sustainable textile and fashion value chain over the next eight years. They will strengthen existing collaborations and create new ones, with other colleges and universities, companies, designers, as well as consumers and manufacturers. New ecosystems of knowledge development and innovation will emerge and be strengthened.

State of Fashion is consortium partner in NEWTEXECO and will have a
host large networking event, during the biennale.