State of Fashion co-founded Mode Partners 025 (MP025) together with ArtEZ, Museum Arnhem an Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem . In this collaboration, which now also includes mbo-school Rijn IJssel, we join forces from Arnhem and Nijmegen (together 025) to raise awareness about the current challenges in the fashion system and to bring about real change in the sector and society.

MP025 believes in a fairer and sustainable fashion and textile system. The qualities to achieve that are plentiful in the Arnhem-Nijmegen-Wageningen region. The entrepreneurial fashion pioneers in this rich ecosystem 025 are critical, inquisitive and creative. In doing so, they play a significant role on the major sustainability challenges in the fashion and textile industry. Within the region, within the Netherlands and internationally.

MP025 has direct access to (inter)national experimentation and research, knowledge and education, design, material and resource development. The pioneers seek connections between fashion, social issues and the public. MP025 seeks effective collaboration, builds bridges and gives pioneers a stage. Arnhem’s illustrious fashion history, the city’s sustainable ambitions and green surroundings support this power of imagination and the value of creating.
Mode Partners 025 is supported by the Municipality of Arnhem.