EFA strives for a prosperous European fashion ecosystem. EFA is a strong common voice advocating and accelerating European fashion’s transition to a more sustainable, innovative, inclusive and creative future.

The European Fashion Alliance (EFA) is a membership-based alliance, founded in 2022, in which international fashion and textile organizations share experiences and drive change in their sector. EFA strengthens the fashion industry, its stakeholders and their activities, creativity in entrepreneurship and innovation skills through advocacy and communication of the alliance of European Fashion Councils and like-minded organizations. EFA provides a platform for professional networking and communication at the European level within the industry, as well as across sectors.

State of Fashion has been a member of this unique alliance since its inception in 2022. More than 32 countries are connected to this network. From the Netherlands, State of Fashion and Fashionclash Maastricht are represented in the EFA, from the context of Taskforce Fashion. We are currently exploring with partner Fashionclash Maastricht the possible hosting of a networking event in 2024 in the Netherlands (Arnhem and Maastricht).