Engage4BIO aims to strengthen the circular, sustainable bioeconomy and sustainable regional development through processes of design thinking, co-creation, (re)training and skills development.

The regional bio-based systems focus on the five main value chains, namely circular and bio-based textiles (Netherlands), agriculture and agri-food industry (Hungary), wood and interior (Austria), bio-based and sustainable packaging (Finland) and blue bioeconomy (Italy).

For the European project Engage4BIO, carters ArtEZ and WUR are doing a Map & Gap analysis in the Dutch hub regarding sustainable and circular textiles and fashion in relation to the bioeconomy. State of Fashion participated in the first three co-creation sessions in 2022 with relevant partners from governments, businesses, the creative sector and education. State of Fashion is a consortium partner alongside WUR, Kiemt, The Green Metropolitan Region, Province of Gelderland Circular and ArtEZ and is collaborating on the analysis and follow-up plans.

This October, the first co-creation sessions of the Engage4BIO European project will start as part of the Innovate Experience festival. State of Fashion participates in a brainstorming session to explore whether we can better organise specific activities (art event, communication & awareness campaigns) related to the transition to a bio-based fashion and textile sector.