An open and values-driven network; Culture.Fashion brings together people and organizations from the fashion and textile industry working together to create a future-proof fashion sector in the Netherlands. To bring about the necessary change within fashion, we believe it is necessary to launch local initiatives, encourage collaborations, raise awareness of the current Dutch fashion landscape and explore and shape it for the future.

Culture.Fashion is an initiative from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and started in late 2019. The program has already completed 3 years of development and is now exploring how to further consolidate itself as a network.

State of Fashion is a member of the core group; one of five catalysts from the start. In cooperation with the Municipality of Arnhem, State of Fashion organized two large network meetings for Culture.Fashion at the City Hall.


Reflections #2: Oshin Siao Bhatt

On Tuesday 8 December, State of Fashion hosted its second online event Whataboutery 02: ‘India’s decolonial approaches to land, labour’, and the fashion industry’ with guest editor Aditi Mayer. Style anthropologist, creative producer and writer Oshin Siao Bhatt was asked to reflect on this second Whataboutery.

Reflections #1: Carmen Hogg

On 28 October, we organised the first online streaming event Whataboutery #1 ‘Regenerative fashion: There can be no Other’. Guests from around the world participated in the discussion on the decolonisation of fashion moderated by Stephanie Afrifa.

Reflections #4: Hidhir Badaruddin

Conversations around gender neutral fashion are often discussed as a trend and seen as a novelty in fashion. The ability to express one’s self on their own terms without being guarded or controlled into other people’s ideas and beliefs of what a man or woman should be. Surpassing gender norms and fashion is not just a trend that is made popular by fast fashion, but rather a continuous resistance by trans and gender variant identities.