Three artists from different art fields came together and experimented with the possibility of food in fashion. The creation of this project includes the history of food, wild materials and colors, not only experimenting with the possibility of materials in fashion, but also raising awareness of equality.

Visitors can participate in putting together different panels into a look to their preference. So the looks have endless possibilities by replacing the panels. Patterns of woven images of food leather are applied to panels and show all the traces of “food immigration” that have influenced today’s society.

Hankyul Jeong is an artist from Korea known for her experiments with food and the creation of interactive, audience-oriented installations. Recognizing food as a universal element that spans cultures and generations, she builds a performative space that engages with social phenomena through the playful medium of food in an artistic language.

Hongkai Li is a fashion artist from China who has been living in Europe for ten years for his studies. He emphasizes garments that are less concerned with genders and body types: We all have the same physique. Race and skin color should not be a reason to be judged.

Jiwoo Lee is a Korean textile designer currently living in Arnhem and Seoul. Different threads come together to create strength and promote diversity and inclusion. She combines other fabrics with different properties to create a relationship of infinite possibilities between them.