As an artist and designer, Bas kosters always acts from inspiration and compassion. From engagement he creates worlds populated by many exuberant, alarming and tender figures.

Decisiveness and enthusiasm are two important terms that apply to all his various pursuits. With a fondness for textiles and paper, he tries to celebrate and express social and personal issues that he finds important. Surrounded by humor and text, he displays emotions that might otherwise be difficult to accept. A fascination with figures and characters as well as eroticism leads to a sometimes abrasive reality where many perceptions compete for attention. His stories are expressed in wall hangings, puppets, sets, glass objects, drawings, paintings and ceramics. Welcome to the world of Bas Kosters. Welcome to the world of Bas Kosters.

For the 2024 edition of FDFA, I want to create a tapestry that shows my tender and sensitive relationship to my late mother, and thus how textiles can help keep a bond alive. I have a quilt she made and gave me when I was young, and the quilt is decaying. I want to use the quilt as the basis for a textile artwork and cover it with a new layer of patchwork of collected fabrics with personal meaning, a new layer of love, hand-applied with intrinsic craftsmanship, and on top of it a text expressing a mother’s love. The text, sewn from fabric letters, plays an important role in the tapestry, both substantive and visual.