Kallol Datta’s Bengalūru-based project ‘…of involution, of languor…’ foregrounds care as a connective thread and curatorial principle. The intimate exhibition, created in close collaboration with three artists and a filmmaker, considers practices that are driven by community, activating the potential of textiles to hold memory, act as a form of resistance, and hasten healing in the shared process of their making. Against the charged and complex backdrop of Bengalūru’s social and political landscape, the exhibition, the artists’ soundscapes, the commissioned texts and film documentation all serve to preserve and reflect upon the enduring intimacy and importance of garments and textiles in the creation of safe spaces – both literal and metaphorical.

Kallol Datta is a maker with an emphasis on creative research of clothing practices native to the SWANA region, the Indian subcontinent and the Korean Peninsula. His clothing practice presents garments as a conduit for personal agency and expression.

Whilst living and working in Kolkata, Kallol has chosen Bengalūru as his interlocutor site. He intends to work with local artists whose work centres on using craft to create safe centres of community and knowledge exchange.

Introduction Interlocutor Kallol Datta