In São Paulo, Brazil, the sister site curated by Hanayrá Negreiros is like a collective embroidery, where sewing is the method, memory is the guiding thread, and imagination is the backdrop. In this project, the cosmologies of waters are woven as a vivid metaphor. Stemming from Afro-Atlantic knowledge and the ancestral roots of Brazilian Indigenous people, the project is an invitation to delve into communal relations and spiritual connections that permeate our existence. Composed of female voices, it unveils narratives obscured by colonialism, intertwining politics and poetry, where Brazil’s stories are challenged and reimagined through artworks that rise as symbols of resistance. Furthermore, the installation will feature talks that articulate fashion, visual arts, textiles, communication, and counter-hegemonic education, broadening the horizons of creation and aesthetic perception.

Hanayrá Negreiros is a fashion scholar, writer and curator. Previously she was the Adjunct Curator of Fashion at Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, and she is currently researching a PhD in Afro-Atlantic garments, fashion, black women and 19th century.

Hanayrá is keen to decentralise Brazilian fashion from São Paulo, and to represent native, indigenous artists and designers through a series of collaborative commissions.

Introduction Interlocutor Hanayrá Negreiros