The next edition of State of Fashion has a focus on presenting contemporary work by fashion and textile makers, designers, artists and/or practitioners hailing from the Global South. Curators Louise Bennetts and Rachel Dedman are aware of their own (privileged) position as white women in the Global North, and for that reason have chosen to decentralise the curatorial team for the 2024 biennial. The 2024 biennial will take place at four venues: the home venue in Arnhem and at three international sister cities. At each “sister site”, an interlocutor (conversation partner) has been invited to develop a project as part of State of Fashion 2024 in their local context, and to be part of the biennale’s extended curatorial team.

Meet the interlocutors

Kallol Datta

Kallol Datta is a maker with an emphasis on creative research of clothing practices native to the SWANA region, the Indian subcontinent and the Korean Peninsula. His clothing practice presents garments as a conduit for personal agency and expression.

Hanayrá Negreiros

Hanayrá Negreiros is a fashion scholar, writer and curator. Previously she was the Adjunct Curator of Fashion at the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, and she is currently researching a PhD in Afro-Atlantic garments, fashion, black women and 19th century.

Sunny Dolat

Sunny Dolat is a fashion curator, cultural producer, creative director and co-founder of The Nest Collective. He was a Consultant Researcher for the exhibition Africa Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum.