Wearable Stories is a unique initiative in which underexposed stories of young people, who themselves cannot naturally participate in such festivals, are brought to life in a special way. In Wearable Stories the stories of these young people play the leading role. Based on the input of the young people, the jackets by Amsterdam-based fashion label Bonne Suits have been personalized into unique limited edition jackets, each with its own story.

WearableStories is a long-term national project by Collective Raven that was first seen at the Young Hearts Festival in 2023. In the spring of 2024, Wearable
will be on view at The Outsider Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

Wearable Stories offers a unique opportunity to connect different worlds and experiences. It goes beyond fashion; it is a bridge between storytelling, art and empathy.

Gerbrand Bos, one of the creators at Raven