NKWO is a Nigeria-based brand giving new life to textile waste through West African craftsmanship. An experimental studio session triggered their invention of a new fabric – Dakala Cloth – made of strips of second-hand denim stitched together. Dakala Cloth (and its braided and woven variations) is used in different ways across their collections, alongside other local natural materials such as cotton, raffia and sisal.

The designers are constantly experimenting and evolving the material with each season. From sorting to stitching, braiding or weaving, a single panel of Dakala takes more than 6 hours to make.

NKWO works with local Nigerian artisans in the production of their garments. Their social enterprise model supports vulnerable women by teaching them skills in upcycling and fabric manipulation, breaking cycles of dependency on the industry of charitable ‘aid’ in Africa. For NKWO, waste is a valuable commodity that can support communities and preserve tradition.