In this installation, Azra Akšamija uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to envision future traditional fashion. The artist ‘trains’ AI software with images of her own face, alongside references from global costume, generating speculative designs. Presented here as continuously morphing portraits, they blur cultural and temporal boundaries, alluding to the fluidity of identity. The work questions the extent to which the ‘traditional’ is a product of our imagination and a site for projection, and the AI-designed headgear suggests technology may one day influence even our most intimate traditions.

Azra Akšamija’s Nomadic Mosque posits clothing as a form of portable architecture. Inspired by Prophet Mohammed’s belief that for him and his followers ‘the whole world is a mosque’, this garment unfolds to transform any secular space into one for prayer. The work counters the marginalisation and racism that Muslim communities so frequently experience in the Global North, and challenges reductive portrayals of Islam and its practice. The suit is a sanctuary for its wearer, one that adapts to meet their spiritual needs.