From the happiest to the saddest occasions, flowers accompany us in our lives. Given as gifts or admired in nature, they evoke deep emotions of love, gratitude, and pure beauty. Their symbolism transcends barriers of culture and language, creating strong bonds between people. Perhaps this is why the art of embroidering flowers has been so popular worldwide for centuries: it is a way to capture cherished, emotional moments.

During this masterclass, we take our first steps into the art of 3D realistic flower embroidery, using the apple blossom as inspiration. We begin by analyzing the structure of the flower and breaking it down into components for further embroidery: petals, stems, leaves, branches. Then, we learn basic techniques to turn flat embroidery into 3D form, to create stems and make flower petals and leaves look as realistic as possible. As a result, all the separate flat elements come together in a 3D apple blossom. By the end of the masterclass, you will have the skills to create your own flowers, perhaps to wear as a brooch.

Katja van der Steen is a master tailor specializing in bespoke tailoring for menswear and theater and dance costumes. She has worked on various projects at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and is currently undertaking commissions from the Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam, the National Dance Theater in The Hague, various museums, and other cultural institutions. Katja has a fascination with flowers, from botanical drawing to embroidery, and often incorporates floral motifs and shapes into her tailoring work.

Cost: € 95.00, students € 65.00 (use discount code ‘studentbloemen’) including materials
The master class is suitable for experienced embroiderers.