Not too long ago, all clothing was handmade. Girls would begin at a young age assembling their trousseau, which consisted of many shirts, sheets, pillowcases, aprons, and skirts. The clothing they made was part of a common visual language. Within this regional attire, the bodice from the former island of Marken is a particularly appealing component. It consists of various techniques and decorations full of symbolism and (secret) meanings. In this masterclass, you will learn more about the Marker Pentecostal bodice and embroider a Marker rose with pearl cotton on silk. We will make a so-called Marker ‘buultje’, which is a small bag worn by young women from the age of sixteen on Marken when going out. Your ‘buultje’ will consist of embroidered motifs from the Pentecostal bodice, and we will sew on a ‘stikkie’ with a “boezelbreitje”. The whole will be finished with eyelets like those found on the Marker bodice. It will not be exactly like it was on Marken, but it will use the embroidery techniques and the way embroidery was done on Marken.

Marcella van Oost is an absolute specialist in Marker embroidery techniques. She conducted extensive research on-site and created a showcase with all the Marker embroidery she encountered during her research. Her showcase now has a length of almost twelve meters, and of course, it will be discussed and studied on this day.

Cost: € 110.00, students € 85.00 (use discount code ‘studentrozen’) including materials