Repairing is a wonderful way to practice hand sewing. It can extend the lifespan of our clothing and serves as a meditative practice to reconnect with our beloved garments. In this one-day course, you will learn how to creatively repair your favorite pair of jeans using various hand embroidery techniques. You will learn and practice the fundamentals of Japanese Sashiko, chain stitch, couching stitch, blanket stitch, and whip stitch. You will also learn how to draw, sew, and adapt a hitomezashi (one stitch Sashiko) and kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch) pattern. You can bring a pair of jeans or another denim item to work on during the day, preferably with damages such as holes and/or weak spots. You can consult with the instructor during the class to determine the best repair solution and work directly on your item.

Selina Ben is a textile artist and researcher with a deep interest in mending. Through her practice, she aims to preserve and transmit disappearing techniques. Due to overproduction, she chooses to work only with used fabrics, finding signs of wear on the fabrics a source of inspiration. Selina finds that hand embroidery is a healing form of meditation.

Cost: € 95.00, students € 65.00 (use discount code ‘studentsashiko’) including materials
Suitable for beginners