In parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, beautifully decorated yellow blouses can be found. Some historians date the first application of this technique in Eastern Europe back to before 1600. Upon closer inspection of these blouses, they are found to consist of many small stitched eyelets. In the Netherlands, we refer to this technique as broderie, it is usually white on white and occasionally appears again in clothing but broderie is machine-made. During this day, you will explore the use of ‘eyelets’ in Czech and Slovak traditional clothing from the nineteenth century – think of puff sleeves, caps, and aprons! You will learn to create a decorative border that you can add to your own clothing. The pattern for the workshop is based on a design from Piestany, Slovakia. You will gain a great appreciation for the clothing traditions in various regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Sarah Pedlow has a keen interest in the craft techniques of the Balkans. During her many travels, she learned techniques from local experts, and during this class, she will share a lot of information from her research and travels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2022.

Cost: €95.00, students €75.00 including materials
Suitable for beginners