Not many people are familiar with the history of clothing and textiles from the Middle East, particularly the rich and extensive tradition of textiles from Palestine and Jordan. This evening, Fatima Abbadi will guide you through this history, exploring the various styles from each region. We will discuss different types of stitches and techniques, as well as the rich variety of accessories that complement each garment. We’ll learn about the impact of international influences and the significant changes that occurred in dressmaking after 1948, redefining the shape and meaning of traditional clothing. During the evening, we will examine some sample dresses.

Fatima Abbadi is a photographer, embroiderer, and collector of Jordanian and Palestinian regional attire. She grew up between Abu Dhabi and Jordan, studied in Italy, and moved to the Netherlands with her family in 2019. Women and intercultural dialogue are recurring themes in her projects, such as the embroidery workshop she established for refugee women in the Netherlands or her research on female embroidery traditions of a Christian community in Northern Iraq.

Language: English
Entrance: € 7,50