Over twelve years ago, Crafts Council Nederland was founded as a platform for creative craftsmanship, bridging the gap between craft, fashion, art, and design. Although much has changed in recent years, it is still necessary to advocate for the preservation and appreciation of handiwork. This evening, we are delighted to present our long-term collaboration: the Linen Project.

The Linen Project started in 2018 with a small field in the Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem. Through this project, we explore the possibility of locally cultivating one’s own textiles. We are now entering our seventh growing season. As we embark on our seventh growing season, Marieke van Mieghem, who has been involved since 2020, will share her journey with flax and linen and teach you the basics of spinning. Get ready for an inspiring evening!

Marieke van Mieghem is a weaver, botanical dyer, and textile researcher specializing in spinning, dyeing, and weaving flax and linen. One of her sources of inspiration is Japan, where the processing of paper yarn has been traditionally practiced for centuries.

Costs: €7,50