The 1st year students of the BA fashion design department of ArtEZ were challenged to respond to the theme Dismantling Tradition. An assignment in which the balance between fabrics and techniques resulted in an original translation of a cutting-edge ornament dress inspired by personal heritage.

In their research the students and teacher Ratna Ho started from the following questions: what is something that means a lot to you from your tradition? Which parts of your tradition have shaped you into who you are? Thereby defining their meaning of ‘Tradition’: a person’s unique, inherited sense of identity: the values, traditions, culture, belief, artefacts etc handed down by previous generations.

The students researched different materials, layers, fabrics, non-fashion related materials, and techniques. These fabric designs were eventually made into a simple straight dress with one and the same pattern.

In Rembrandt Theatre you see the dresses of 15 students.