Fashion needs to change, we all know it. But how? join us in our search for the new luxury

Author of Doughnut Economics fairness

Renegade economist Kate Raworth fights for change

Meet Kate
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How technology is shaping the future of sustainable fashion

Learn what's new
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Call for contributions Fashion Colloquium

Join the Searching for the New Luxury conference
Start now! sustainable

The Higg Index sets new standards to improve sustainability

How can your company apply this tool?
Photo: Sandberg Graduation Show 2017 no waste

Rafael Kouto wants to de-westernise fashion

Meet Rafael
Photo: Out of the Green Closet/Chantal A Ehrhardt sustainable

Kim Poldner shares her passion for sustainable fashion

1 June - 2 September in Arnhem, the Netherlands fairness

State of Fashion 2018

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